We welcome the news of Poland legalizing medical cannabis! The Polish government has opened cannabis imports to be sold in the country as well. Over 90% of existing Polish pharmacies will be allowed to sell Cannabis with a doctors prescription. The Polish legalization model is one of the most progressive in the world and brings us one step closer to decriminalizing this miracle plant around the globe! Please use the link below to read more about medical cannabis legalization in Poland.



Cannabis increases your sex drive!? Most people would assume the opposite is true, but new research proves this isn't the case! Stanford University Medical Center recently published a paper in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that proves theres a link between regular cannabis use and an increase in sex drive. Marijuana users reported having moe sex than those that abstained, this was across the board regardless of martial status, race, or income level. Past research on rodents also confirmed a link between an increased sex drive and cannabis use. 

Way High does caution that cannabis can impact people in different ways. If you have any sexual dysfunction its best to see a doctor. We're stoked however that, at least, cannabis use won't make it any worse! In fact the study also highlights the increased sensitivity during the act itself, which is another bonus!  



New polling data shows that Americans are more accepting of cannabis now than ever before! The cannabis industry has been worried about a federal crackdown ever since Attorney General Jeff Sessions took over, but that seems highly unlikely to occur at this point. The latest data confirms that a large number of Americans are now pro cannabis.

Way High 101 is dedicated to providing the best cannabis products in the Oregon Coast. We want to promote the safe and legal use of cannabis to adults. Check out the Leafly article below to learn more about the polling data and what it means for the industry. 

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